Noord-Europees Wijnopslagbedrijf B.V.

Your gateway for ethanol and FAME

N.W.B. Advantages

Operational Efficiency and Flexibility

The layout of the terminal, with the proximaty of all the tanks to the jetty as well as to the loading bays for tank truck, ISO containers and railcars, ensures very short lines and therefore swift pumping. A total of 99 tanks with sizes varying in sizes between 100 cbm up to 2.100 cbm provide a total storage capacity of 60.000 cbm with a significant number of stainless steel tanks. Our tank sizes will perfectly fit you required storage capacity, without paying for space that is not fully used. With few vessels or barges at our berth, we provide real demurrage free operations and we ensure that operations commence and finish as soon as possible: we care for our customer’s time. No time slots needed for railcars or tank truck loading as we work on a first come, first served basis, making sure no truck incurs demurrage.


Strategically located in the port of Amsterdam, the fourth largest port in Europe, the N.W.B. has also excellent connection to road, rail and inland waterway infrastructure. Moreover, the Amsterdam Port Authority together with the Dutch Government is investing in new locks, additional highways and tunnels around Amsterdam as well as modernizing its railroad system. As part of the so called ARA area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), our position within the port of Amsterdam ensures optimum logistical costs.

Service level

At N.W.B., customer service is not a department but our way of doing business. Orders and instructions are dealt promptly and effectively. We always try to provide the best solution or option for our customers. All information is kept confidentially and in the event an issue arises, we try to solve it and at least communicate openly and honestly as we intend to solve it to the best of our abilities and the satisfaction of all parties involved. We dedicate ourselves to complete customer’s satisfaction and we are proud of our reputation, the best proof we live up to our promises and customer’s expectations.

Commercial Responsiveness

We are a lean and flexible organisation and whether you require short-term or longer term storage capacity, we do not require firm contracts: instead we provide the flexibility to tailor your needs through accommodating the exact tank sizes to your needs and a short term notification period to give back capacity in case space is no longer needed. We will make sure our customers appreciate our way of serving them as we will always do our utmost to align ourselves with the needs and goals of our customers.


N.W.B. Facts

  • Nominal Capacity
  • Tanks
  • Tank size
    100m3 < x < 2100m3
  • Products
    3 (ethanol, spirits, FAME)
  • Draft
    11 meters (LOA 185 meters)
  • Railcar access
  • Tank-truck loading areas
  • Years of experience


For general queries and information:
Tel. +31 (20) 6136600
Fax +31 (20) 6133595

Moezelhavenweg 10
1043 AM - Amsterdam
The Netherlands
opening hours: 08.00 AM - 4.00 PM